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With a unique and revolutionary social innovation model, Women’s Community Shelters partners directly with communities across NSW to establish new shelters for disadvantaged and homeless women and their children.

The Challenge

With an audience that spans the government, corporate and philanthropic sectors, as well as the grass-roots communities that WCS engages with, the brand needs to communicate warmth and credibility in equal measure.

The Outcome

A simple and sophisticated approach that gives the organisation a clear and confident voice supporting their period of rapid growth and recognition as they open 8 desperately needed, community-run shelters in under 3 years.

Their digital presence enables the organisation to publish rich content, integrate seamlessly with social media, collect donations, volunteer registrations and most importantly, assist women to access services.

We implemented a “Hide this site now!” button prominently, so that women seeking help could avoid confrontation, if discovered accessing the Women’s Community Shelters website.

Read more about Equilibrium’s commitment to NFP organisations.

Our experience working with Equilibrium has been extremely positive—all members of the team have been very professional and helpful. Their work is of a high standard and is produced on time and on budget.

Equilibrium have shown great sensitivity in the sector that we work in and I would not hesitate in recommending them to any organisation.

Lieske Dowd

Women’s Community Shelters

We have supported WCS with:

Brand identity and guidelines
Stationery suite
Responsive website
Annual Report and Annual Review 2014–2016
Organisation snapshot—promotional flyer
Environmental graphics including banners and signage


I have just seen the annual report and it looks fabulous. I love the design layout and professionalism. It’s great seeing almost a year’s work packaged up so beautifully.

Annabelle Daniel

Women’s Community Shelters