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Established in 1880, Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview is a private Catholic boy’s day and boarding school with a rich history, Jesuit educational foundation, dynamic staff and strong community relations.

The Challenge

Celebrating Riverview’s history and foundational principles, the re-brand needed to bring the tradition, heritage and values of the College to the fore, while at the same time creating new possibilities and through a more modern approach.

The Outcome

Using the findings of successful strategic user-centred design workshops, Riverview emerged with a fresh approach to school branding that supported versatility in their communications, without sacrificing any of the core values of the College—a respectful synthesis of tradition and adaptive modern principles.

I write to thank you on behalf of the College Executive for the work that Equilibrium has undertaken over the recent years to promote the College in a contemporary, fresh and highly professional manner across a range of print and electronic publications and mediums.

I look forward to our continuing relationship, particularly as we pursue new frontiers in an ever-changing environment where effective communication is essential.

Dr Paul Hine

Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview

We conducted a range of photoshoots to support the diverse narratives across the college population. These included general school, student and boarding life, science art, music, drama, robotics, sport and even agriculture, plus community based events such as the Indian Bazaar and Mass.

Riverview photography

New Wolf

House crests


There was a lot of specialist typographic and illustration work on the marques for the Riverview crest and House crests, amongst others.

The design and development team at Equilibrium have been instrumental in changing Saint Ignatius’ College into a professionally presented institution. The dynamic team have been instrumental in the development of our websites, College branding and collation and presentation of our annual magazines. The team are always available for help and support, and communicate with all our internal stakeholders to ensure great outcomes. The College considers Equilibrium an integral part of the organisation and looks forward to collaborating on future challenges we will present to them.

Brett Houghton

Head of Technology and Innovation
Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview