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Naughty x Nice is a beautifully designed and lovingly curated cookbook that celebrates contemporary Kings Cross. Meet the people, hear their stories and learn to make signature dishes and drinks from some of the area’s best restaurants, cafes and bars – the ones that keep people coming back for more!


Naughty x Nice Features

Featuring 25 recipes from: ACME, Gastro Park, The Butler, The Roosevelt, Caffe Roma, Eau de Vie, Petrol Kitchen, Bar Coluzzi, Uliveto, Parson’s Bar & Kitchen, Bar Brosé, Buffalo Dining Club, Café Hernandez, Farmhouse, Malabar, Health Nuts, Sunrise Asian, The White Wall, Hugonette’s, Pickled, and The World Bar.

Kings Cross has long been known as Sydney’s sin city, a world-famous playground of neon-lit indulgence, bohemia and excess.

Consistent throughout its rich and infamous history has been change and evolution. From windmills and wealthy estates to diverse migrant influxes and wartime follies for American sailors. From Australia’s first drag shows and flourishing gay community to an epicenter for artists, musicians, writers and eccentrics. From an entertainment and red light district catering for every taste and depravity, to a dangerous hotbed for drug addicts and criminals.

And now, since the lockout laws, it’s transitioning again, from Sydney’s party central to a village of gastronomy, mixology, arts and community. This shift has been extremely controversial, with locals and media bemoaning the reduction in late night revelry. We were motivated to bring to life the positive and exciting changes happening in our neighbourhood and celebrate our tight-knit and innovative community.

NxN featured in The Australian

This book is spot on for anyone who wants a secret weapon dish or cocktail in their arsenal, foodies, design lovers and the culturally curious. It is a special limited edition and piece of social history that is truly collectible and covetable.


You don’t have to be a local to live this book – just a lover of life.


Order your copy and support the project now!